What is a CSF?

CSF stands for community supported fishery. It is a new business that has spun off of the community supported agriculture model. Availability is determined by what is being harvested during that season and encourages a healthy connection between you and the food you eat. This system creates much tastier meals and better health outcomes for our bodies, our society, and our planet. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on CSFs. Learn more here.

Is this a subscription service? Do I have to receive an order every week?

No, you don't. You are free to order as you please.

What kind of fish will I receive?

Fish is selected based on seasonal availability and the health of local fisheries. Any species that are overfished or endangered will not be provided. Examples of local healthy populations include: Petrale Sole, Sablefish, Dungeness Crab, Pacific Sanddabs, California Halibut, Rockfish, and Spot Prawns. Species of concern such as Local Chinook Salmon will be available infrequently.

What days of the week can I order?

Our online store is open for ordering all week. Fresh fish is added most weekdays depending on what are partner fisherfolk are able to catch.

When will I receive my order?

  • San Jose, Santa Clara, & San Mateo orders: Delivery available Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Santa Cruz and Aptos: Delivery available Tuesday through Friday

  • Monterey Bay, Watsonville, & Pajaro Dunes: Delivery available Wednesdays and Fridays

  • Scotts Valley, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Brookdale & Upper Soquel: Delivery available Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Where do you deliver?

    We deliver throughout Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. View our delivery zone page for pricing and more information. 

    Are all the products that you sell organic?

    Yes! We work with local farms who are all practicing sustainable and organic farming (or herding) practices. Some of the farms we work with are small and cannot afford the organic certification, but they are still farming organically. 

    How will I receive my order?

    You have two options!

    You can receive a home delivery or pick-up your order at our warehouse in Santa Cruz. The shipping fee will be waived if your order amount is greater that the amount set for your zone. For more information, visit our delivery zones page. Please leave a cooler with ice out in an area that is easy to locate for our driver. 

    You also have the option of coming to our warehouse Tuesday through Friday from 12pm-2pm. We are located at 1305 Fair Ave #3, the entrance is on McPherson St. There is no order minimum and pick up is free! Feel free to just walk up to our doors, someone will be expecting you!

    How much is the delivery fee?

    The delivery fee for an order ranges from $7-$12, depending on your distance from our warehouse. Your delivery fee will be calculated at checkout, once you enter your address. The shipping fee will be waived if your order amount is greater that the amount set for your zone. For more information, visit our delivery zones page.

    Is there an order minimum?

    Yes, our order minimum ranges from $25-$100 for deliveries depending on your distance to our warehouse. There is no order minimum for pick-ups.

    What time will my order arrive?

    Our delivery window is between 10am and 6pm on the day of delivery. You can check the link that you receive on the day of delivery to have an estimated time of arrival. 

    How do I sign up for Fish Alerts?

    Sign up for our weekly Fish Alert at the bottom of our homepage. Expect an email from us on Tuesday letting you know when fresh items hit the store!

    Which days do we send out email alerts?

    We send out emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. These emails provide a teaser of a speciality item or of something new we have added to the store.

    How can I add to a pre-existing order?

    Please send us an email at ocean2table@gmail.com with any items you would like to add to your current order. We will then send you an invoice via email for the items that have been added without paying a second delivery fee or being required to meet the order minimum. 

    How do I contact you?

    Send us an email at ocean2table@gmail.com.