Bocaccio Rockfish, Anchovy, smoked Rainbow trout & White Chanterelle

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How it Works


1) we'll let you know when the fish is coming in

We catch the fish ourselves or source locally from boats and one unique farm that uses sustainable fishing methods. We'll send out an email (fish alert) with information about the expected species, method of catch, the delivery date as well as recipes and background.


2) You place an order

Once you receive a "fish alert" email you can place an order. We offer individual shares as well as subscriptions for delivery or pick-up in our store. All fish comes filleted, boned and ready to cook!



3) We deliver or you can pick-up the next day

Delivery to your home or business for only $7. We deliver throughout San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. but are steadily growing. Check our pickup locations to see if there is a convenient spot in your neighborhood

Currently, there are pick-up locations in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. (see all of our pickup locations). Please contact us with any questions at 


from the boat to your table in one day!

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