We are Hiring

Job Listing: Ocean2table CSF Assistant


Proposed Start Date: June 2018

Compensation: $15/Hour Starting + Perks

Schedule: 20hrs+/week and $1200/month base salary


Ocean2table is a CSF (Community Supported Fishery) based out of Santa Cruz, California. Our goal is to encourage interest in sustainably harvested, local and healthy seafood. Our mission is to protect our natural resources for generations to come by ensuring local social and economic well being and global environmental health. Ocean2table offers weekly CSA style shares of the freshest, sustainably harvested seafood throughout the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Areas. We catch it ourselves or source direct from local boats.


Job Description: We are seeking motivated, friendly and environmentally conscious people to assist in delivery, fish processing, packaging and grassroots marketing and community outreach.


Delivery Driver (45%)

One to two days a week we will be delivering throughout Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties. This portion of the job requires a fuel efficient vehicle and a smart phone capable of running our delivery and map software. Tasks include: loading and unloading, driving, delivery and operation of delivery software.


Fish Processing/Packaging (45%)

One to two days a week we will be processing and packaging fish, wild mushrooms, seaweed and other local foraged products. Tasks include: filleting, weighing, packaging, labeling, loading and unloading, product inventory, sanitation and cleanup.


Marketing and Community Outreach (10%)

One day a week we will be focusing on spreading the word about Ocean2table and promoting local sustainably harvested seafood within the community. Tasks include: visiting farmers markets and preparing/serving food at community events, describing our mission and collecting contact information and passing out fliers.



-at least 18 years of age

-able to lift 40lbs

-have a smart-phone

-have a valid CA Driver’s License with a clean driving record,

-a registered and insured vehicle

-experience in environmental stewardship, and fisheries is a plus, but not a requirement  



You’ll be joining an environmentally conscious and motivated team, building a mindful food system. We are growing and are looking for people who are interested in learning and  growing with us. Ocean2table team members receive weekly fish, mushrooms and other products that we offer. A monthly stipend is also added to offset phone expenses. You will also receive some great O2T gear.

If you are interested in the position please email us at ocean2table@gmail.com. Include your resume and a brief cover letter, including why you're interested in the position. Looking forward to hearing from you.