sustainable seafood

Our goal is to encourage interest in local, healthy, seafood. Ocean2table offers weekly CSA style shares of the freshest available sustainably harvested seafood. We catch it ourselves or source direct from local boats. In the same way that Community Supported Agriculture brings you closer to the fruit and vegetables that you eat, Community Supported Fisheries brings you closer to the fish that you eat.


  1. Providing the freshest, sustainable, locally harvested seafood.

  2. Establishing a documented and transparent supply chain from ocean to table.

  3. Supporting small local boats and their ability to harvest sustainably.

  4. Reducing dependence on large commercial fleets that are destroying
    our oceans and our fishing communities in the name of profit.


"Sustainability" like the term "Natural" has been used overzealously, especially by big time seafood suppliers. We at Ocean2table understand that fisheries science is complicated and rapidly evolving. The ocean is a very big and mysterious place. We are constantly re-evaluating our sustainability practices to reflect the most recent scientific understandings. 


sustainability criteria
  1. All fish that we sell has been caught from a well managed fishery. Meaning that enough has be left to ensure the ongoing health and stability of the population.

  2. The fishing methods and Captains we support reduce unwanted by-catch and limit habitat destruction.

  3. All fish that we sell has been caught within a 100 mile radius of the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas. This reduces carbon emissions and connects you to your local resources.