The O2T Fish & Farm Box Santa Cruz Deliver 3/26

Greeting Fish Enthusiasts!

After catching our breath last week, we’ve been busy fishing, foraging and connecting with new business partners. The Covid-19 outbreak has been tough on Ocean2Table, but it has given us the opportunity to grow stronger as a community and cast a light on the people and things that we care most about.

Out on the Monterey Bay, the California Halibut are currently biting and our local Golden Chanterelles are making a late-season (but solid) showing in the hills around the bay. The FV Mr. Morgan is out on their first trip of the season today and are targeting Chilipepper Rockfish.

Over the last couple of months, we've been working hard coordinating a new Ocean2Table Farm Box program with several farms in Santa Cruz County, including Fogline Farm, Groundswell Farm, Mariquita Farm, Pajaro Pastures, and Companion Bakery. Together, we’ll be offering local fish, mushrooms, chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables and bread for Home Delivery ONLY in Santa Cruz County on Thursday, March 26th. We have plans to deliver to San Mateo and Santa Clara counties early next week. We are working as hard as possible to ramp up supply but do anticipate that we will be needing some time to meet demand. In the same way that we have told the story of captains and foragers, we will be sharing with you the stories from our friends on the farm.

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The O2T Fish and Farm Box Includes:

  • One produce box from Groundswell Farm & Mariquita Farm

  • One share of Chilipepper Rockfish

  • 1/2 Share Golden Chanterelles from Ocean2Table

  • One Simple Sourdough Loaf from Companion Bakery.

Add-on Items Include: Fogline Farms chicken, Pajaro Pastures eggs and additional O2T fish (Halibut, Sablefish and Chilipepper Rockfish) and mushrooms (Chanterelles) which are all available on our Online Store and can be purchased individually. Farm: Mariquita Farm Farmers: Andy Griffin Location: Corralitos Farming Methods: CCOF Certified Organic Harvest Date: 3/25/20 Items: One Bunch Mint, One Bunch Green and Purple Frills Mustard, One Bunch Yellow and Purple Carrots, One Bunch Gold and Red Chard Farm: Groundswell Farm Farmers: James Cook and Josh Richland Location: Santa Cruz Farming Method: Organic Farming Practices, Pesticide Free Harvest Date: 3/25/20 Items: Six Oranges, Three Lemons, Three Limes, One Bunch Green Onion, One Bunch Green Garlic, One Head Butter Lettuce, One Bunch Rosemary

Species: Chilipepper Rockfish (Sebastes goodei)

Catch Date: 03/24/2020

Boat: F/V Mr Morgan

Captain: Steve Fitz

Port: Half Moon Bay

Catch Method: Scottish Seine

Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice

Share Size: Full Share 1.4 lb

Fillets will be skin on with some small pin bones

Species: Golden Chanterelle (Cantharellus californicus)

Harvest Date: 03/23/2020

Forager: Jeff Rutt

Location: Monterey County

Harvest Method: Hand Harvested

Share Size: Half Share 0.5 lbs

Item: Simple Sourdough Loaf

Bakery: Companion Bakery

Location: Santa Cruz

Baked Date: 03/26/2020

Add-On Items

Item: Half Bird

Farm: Fogline Farms

Farmers: Caleb Barron

Location: Ano Nuevo

Harvest Date: 3/24/20

Farming Methods: Fresh Pasture Daily, Organic Feed

Weight: 1.60-1.80lbs

Item: 1/2 Dozen Eggs

Farm: Pajaro Pastures

Farmers: Ryan Ableson

Location: Pajaro

Harvest Date: 3/24/20

Farming Methods: Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Feed

Species: CA Halibut (Paralichthys californicus)

Catch Date: 03/22/2020

Boat: F/V O2T II

Captain: Ian Cole

Port: Monterey

Catch Method: Hand Operated Pole

Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice

Share Size: Full Share 1.0 lb

Fillets will be skin on with some small pin bones

Species: Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)

Catch Date: 03/21/2020

Boat: F/V Sea Harvest

Captain: Walter Deyerle

Port: Moss Landing

Catch Method: Bottom Set-line

Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice

Share Size: Full Share 1.25 lb

Fillets will be skin on with some small pin bones

If you have any questions feel free to email us or text us at (831) 295-8403.

Thank you for supporting your local farms, fishermen and fisherwomen!

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