Santa clara / San Mateo counties 4/30 & Santa Cruz 5/01 The O2T Fish & Farm Box Plus Add-ons

Greeting Fish & Farm Enthusiasts,

We are putting together another great delivery for you this week. We will be offering our O2T Fish & Farm box again, as well as some exciting add-ons such as Chicken, Pasture Raised Eggs, Fish, Mushrooms & Coffee.

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Santa Clara / San Mateo Counties:Thursday, April 30th

Santa Cruz County: Friday, May 1st

Our normal delivery range limits apply, with no deliveries to remote portions of the counties. Due to the complex nature of this new delivery process, we will not be taking pre-paid orders for this week as we adjust to the new format. We will resume in the coming weeks. Thank you for understanding. NOTE: Please leave out a sanitized cooler for our delivery drivers If you ordered an O2T Fish & Farm Box or Produce Box, please sanitize last week's box and set it out for pickup.

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The O2T Fish and Farm Box Includes:

One Produce Box

One share of Rainbow Trout

One Simple Sourdough Loaf from Companion Bakery Produce Box 1 bunch of Green Onions

1 head of Butter Lettuce

1 Bulb of Fennel

3 Oranges

2 lbs Orange & Red Sweet Potatoes

About 1 lb of Cucumbers

1 bunch of Dill

2 lbs of Apples

1 bunch of Red & Green Chard

1 bunch of Dino Kale

1 bunch of Radishes Add-on Items Fogline Farm Chicken

Fogline Chicken Backs (great for making broth!)

Pajaro Pastures Eggs - Medium & Large Egg Options

Dried Mushroom Medley

Dried Morels

Dried Candy Caps

Shitake Mushrooms

Lion's Mane Mushrooms

11th Hour Whole Bean Coffee

Dungeness Crab


CA Halibut

Rainbow Trout

All are available on our Online Store and can be purchased individually

Farm: JJM Farm

Farmer: Efrain Morales

Location: Hollister

Farming Methods: CCOF Certified Organic, Hand Harvested

Harvest Date: 04/29/20

Items: One bunch Chard, 1 Bunch of Dino Kale

Farm: Groundswell Farm

Farmers: James Cook and Josh Richland

Location: Santa Cruz

Farming Method: Hand Harvested/CCOF Certified Organic

Pesticide Free

Harvest Date: 04/29/20

Items: Three Oranges, 1 Bulb Fennel, 1 bunch of Green Onion, 1 head of Butter Lettuce

Groundswell Farm was founded by husband and wife duo James and Heather Cook are a favorite at the local farmer's markets. Located off Ocean St. Ext. their CCOF Certified Organic Farm focuses on seasonality and biodiversity.

Farm: Sea to Sky Farm

Farmers: Chris and Dana Laughlin

Location: Bonny Doon

Farming Method: CCOF Certified Organic

Harvest Date: Apples Fall 2020 , Dill 04/29/2020

Items: 2 lbs Small Sweet Potatoes, 1 Bunch of Dill

Sea to Sky farm is located in northern Santa Cruz County in Bonny Doon. It is a 24 acre CCOF certified organic fruit, vegetable and herb farm, located 10 minutes from the ocean at 1600’ in elevation, surrounded by coastal redwoods with natural springs, and sites of Native American historical significance.  The farm was started by Chris and Dana Laughlin on Thanksgiving of 2018. 

Chris comes from four generations of family farming – her great grandfather, grandfather, father and both brothers are farmers.

Farm: Prevedelli Farm

Farmers: Nick Prevedelli

Location: Corralitos

Farming Method: Certified Organic, Hand Harvested

Harvest Date: Fall 2019

Items: 2 lbs Small Fuji Apples

Prevedelli Farms is a fourth-generation certified organic, family-run farm.  We have been operating in Watsonville since 1945,

​for over 75 years. The farm was originally established on Old San Jose Road in Soquel in the 1930s.  It was started by Arturo Prevedelli, who emigrated from Italy in the early 1900s. 

A true family-run farm, the entire family works on the farm; whether it's planting, harvesting, or selling at the farmer's market: everybody is involved!

Farm: Mariquita Farm

Farmers: Andy Griffin

Location: Hollister

Farming Method: Sustainable Farming Methods & Pesticide Free

Harvest Date: 04/29/2020

Items: 1 bunch of Radish

Farm: Hakari Farm

Farmers: Janet Nagamine

Location: Corralitos

Farming Method: CCOF Certified Organic, Pesticide Free, Hand Harvested

Harvest Date: 04/29/2020

Items: About 1 lb of Cucumbers

Hikari Farm is an organic greenhouse operation in Watsonville, CA, that specializes in Asian greens and Japanese cucumbers.

Species: Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Catch Date: 4/28/2020

Aquaculture Farm: McFarland Springs

Location: Susanville, CA

Farming Method: Spring Fed Raceway, 100% Vegetarian Feed

Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice

Share Size: Full Share 1.10 lb

Fillets will be skin on with some small pin bones

Rainbow Trout are a species of salmonid native to the West Coast of North America. Commonly referred to as Steelhead, Rainbow Trout are anadromous, meaning they are capable of moving back and forth from the river to the ocean then back again to the river to spawn (sometimes several times throughout their lives). They have a delicate texture, medium flake and a flavor similar to wild salmon.

McFarland Springs is leading the aquaculture industry in sustainability by utilizing 100% pure vegetarian feed made with red algae. They have eliminated antibiotics and all other medicines from their diet as well. Most farmed fish (eg. Salmon and Prawns) have a bad rap for good reasons, they are fed a diet that contains large amounts of antibiotics as well as fishmeal which is produced from wild fish stocks. This practice of catching wild fish to feed farmed fish in inefficient and unsustainable. Fish farming practices also degrade wild habitat by polluting local waters with effluent, medicines and other additives.

Item: Simple Sourdough Loaf

Bakery: Companion Bakery

Location: Santa Cruz

Baked Date: 04/30/2020

Companion Bakery is located on the west-side of Santa Cruz. They turn out all the local's favorites when it comes to baked goods. A staple for morning treats and tasty loaves. The Simple loaf is made with 60% white 40% whole wheat. No add ons. They’re typically shaped at 700g in a boule (circular shape).

Add-On Items

Item: Half Bird

Farm: Fogline Farms

Farmers: Caleb Barron

Location: Ano Nuevo

Harvest Date: 04/27/20

Farming Methods: Fresh Pasture Daily, Organic Feed

Weight: 1.60-1.80lbs

Item: Chicken Frame

Farm: Fogline Farms

Farmers: Caleb Barron

Location: Ano Nuevo

Harvest Date: 04/27/2020

Farming Methods: Fresh Pasture Daily, Organic Feed

Weight: 2.5-3lbs

Fogline Farms will be supplying the chickens & was founded in 2009. We share our space with these guys and they honestly grow some of the tastiest, ecologically friendly chickens we've ever tried! Fogline leases land right near Ano Nuevo State Park, where they raise Cornish Cross broilers, on an all-organic feed that are set out to pasture daily.

Item: 1 Dozen Medium Eggs

1 Dozen Large Eggs

Farm: Pajaro Pastures

Farmers: Ryan Ableson

Location: Pajaro

Harvest Date: 04/27/20

Farming Methods: Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Feed

Pajaro Pastures where we will supply farm fresh eggs is located in Corralitos, just down the coast. Unlike the average “free-range” or/and “cage-free” chicken farm, Pajaro moves the birds’ grazing area every week. Their chickens primarily eat native vegetation and are also fed High-Quality Certified NON-GMO Chicken Feed, Certified Organic Vegetables, and Brewers Grain

Species: Dungeness Crab (Metacarcinus magister)

Catch Date: 04/28/2020

Boat: F/V Mary Hallie

Captain: Troy

Port: Monterey

Catch Method: Trap

Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice

Share Size: Full Share 1.40 lbs

Crab will be Cooked & Cleaned

Dungeness Crab is a West Coast tradition with a fishery dating back to the late 1800’s. They have a unique life cycle that involves five different larvae stages before metamorphosing into mature crabs. The crabs molt annually allowing them to grow up to an inch during their molting season. Without an exoskeleton, they are left defenseless and can be found buried beneath the sand while waiting for their new shell to harden. Mating occurs immediately after molting with the male embracing the female for several days before mating begins. The female is able to carry 2.5 million eggs per season which she keeps safe by attaching them onto her body. When live, these crustaceans have a beautiful purple hue and are prized for the delicate, soft and mildly sweet flavor that is best appreciated fresh from the boat.

Dungeness Crab in California is considered a well managed fishery with strict regulations which only allow crabs to be caught for a select number of months each year. Traps have minimal bycatch and negligible environmental damage. All females are freed and only males with a carapaces greater than 5.75 inches can be retained. Relatively stable landings over the past 30 years suggest that the Dungeness Crab population is healthy, although no formal stock assessments have been made.

Species: CA Halibut (Paralichthys californicus)

Catch Date: 4/27/2020

Boat: F/V Time Machine

Captain: Connor Gera

Port: Monterey

Catch Method: Hand Operated Pole

Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice

Share Size: Full Share 1.0 lb

Fillets will be skin on with some small pin bones

California Halibut can be found up and down the California coast and are actually a member of the Flounder family. They start their lives with eyes on both sides of their head and as they grow one eye begins to travel to the left or right side. The side with no eyes becomes the blind side which rests on the ocean floor and turns white. The side with eyes becomes the top side of the fish and turns a mottled brown, camouflaging them from any prey unlucky enough to swim by. They are broadcast spawners and reach maturity in 2-3 years. In California the commercial fishing season is year round but they usually found in abundance during the spring and summer months. They are typically targeted in the Monterey Bay in depths of 40 to 80 ft. Halibut has a beautiful white, dense meat that is slightly sweet and delicious if not over cooked. It is great for grilling, broiling and sauteing.

California Halibut caught by Hand Operated Poles are a great sustainable option resulting in minimal unwanted by-catch or habitat disturbance. They reach sexual maturity relatively quickly and there is not a lot of fishing pressure locally. Trawled halibut from California and Mexico are widely available in local stores and restaurants but should be avoided due to high levels of by-catch.

Species: Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)

Catch Date: 4/28/2020

Boat: F/V Sea Hravest

Captain: Calder Deyerle

Port: Moss Landing

Catch Method: Bottom Set-Line

Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice

Share Size: Full Share 1.25 lb

Fillets will be skin on with some small pin bones

Sablefish is commonly known as butterfish due to its soft texture, delicate flakes and rich buttery taste. These characteristics can be contributed to its high levels of healthy fatty acids. It has been consumed as a delicacy in Japan for many years and is now making its way onto the local market. Sablefish are found in muddy seabeds at depths of up to 9,000 feet and prefer the edge of the continental shelf. They are opportunistic hunters who like to feed on other fish, squid and even jellyfish. Sablefish mature early and have a long lifespan (up to 90 years).

Sablefish’s buttery, rich and flakey texture make it a great substitute for other impact fish, such as the Chilean Seabass. It is a very well managed fish with its population numbers well into the healthy range. When they are caught using fishing methods such as traps or bottom set lines, they have minimal bycatch and environmental impacts.

Species: Shitake (Lentinula edodes)

Harvest Date: 4/27/2020

Farm: Far West Fungi

Farmer: Kyle Garrone

Location: Moss Landing

Share Size: Full Share 1 lb

Species: Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus)

Harvest Date: 4/27/2020

Farm: Far West Fungi

Farmer: Kyle Garrone

Location: Moss Landing

Share Size: Full Share 1 lb

Species: Dried Candy Caps (Lactarius rubidus)

Harvest Date: Winter 2019 / 2020

Forager: Pedro Martinez

Location: Humboldt County

Share Size: Full Share 1.25 oz

Candy Caps are found growing among Coast Live Oaks, Tanoak and Douglis Fir trees with who they share a mycorrhizal relationship. They can be found growing solitary or in loose clusters during Fall and Winter along the west coast of North America. The caps are lightly convexed becoming flattened and they have an overall vase shape that ranges from orange brown to reddish brown color that remains to the bottom of the stipe. They have an odor of maple syrup and sugar that becomes stronger when they are dried which is what gives them their name Candy Cap.

Dried Mushroom Mix

Species: Yellowfoot, Black Trumpet,

Golden Chanterelle, Lobster Mushrooms

Harvest Date: Fall 2019

Forager: Pedro Martinez

Location: Mendocino County

Share Size: Full Share

Yellowfoot mushrooms are a member of the Chanterelle family and have a mycorrhizal relationship with several species of conifer. They are found scattered on rotten conifer wood, moss and soil usually during the wet months of January and February, which gives them their nickname Winter Chanterelle. They have a trumpet shaped flowering body that ranges in color from brown to saffron yellow. Their cap is convexed with wide spaced gills becoming hollow in the center and tapering down to a long, thin stipe. They have a delicate and slightly fruity aroma with a soft, moist flesh.

Black Trumpets can be found locally in mixed Tan Oak and Redwood Forests and fruit in late Fall through winter. They range from Santa Cruz County northward. Sometimes confused as Black Chanterelles, they're actually not closely related to each other. They have a rich and complex flavor a wonderfully fragrant smell and are a favorite of many local foragers and chefs. They can be very difficult to find due to their dark color and camouflaging abilities.

Chanterelles are a beautiful species native to the Pacific Northwest commonly found during the fall and winter months. They have a mycorrhizal partnership with conifers trees and are found either alone or in small clusters. They have a distinguished vase shaped fruiting body with a flesh color that ranges from soft yellow to striking gold. The cap is fleshy with wavy, rounded cap margins that taper down to meet the stem. They have a mild nutty flavor that is highly versatile in the kitchen.

Lobster Mushrooms get their name from their striking red color and taste which resembles that of a lobster. The red color that is associated with these mushrooms are from a colonizing moldwhich will ultimately parasitize the mushroom host covering the entire outer fruiting body. Yet when you cut the mushroom open it has a bright white hue. Lobster Mushrooms are often found under Hemlock trees in late summer into early autumn and prefer the dryness of summer. The colonizing mold gives this meaty mushroom its highly desired flavor. These mushrooms are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen.

Dried Orchard Morels

Species: Orchard Morels (Morchella spp.)

Harvest Date: Winter 2020

Forager: Sam Nguyen

Location: Fresno, CA

Share Size: Full Share

Morels are unique and rare in the marketplace because they're not typically grown commercially. Morels are one of the finest tasting mushrooms worldwide. They're beloved by mushroom enthusiasts for their meaty, woodsy flavor.

Item: The Origin (whole bean)

Roaster:11th Hour Coffee

Location: Santa Cruz. CA

Country: Ethiopia, Guji Zone

Farming Method: No Pesticides & Naturally Processed

Roast Type: Medium-Light Roast

Share Size: 12 oz

For those of you who aren't familiar with 11th Hour Coffee, they are a

local roaster based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Their shop is currently

closed, but they are still sending out beans online and are also

planning on re-opening on April 8th with a brand new online ordering

platform, self-service kiosk, delivery, and curbside pickup


Rainbow Trout with Fresh Dill


  • 1.1 lbs of Rainbow Trout Fillet

  • 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil

  • Zest of 1 lemon

  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon

  • One good handful of fresh dill, finely snipped with scissors

  • 2 tsp. dijon mustard

  • Kosher salt to taste

  • A generous amount of black pepper


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. In a small bowl or measuring cup combine 1 Tbsp. of the vegetable oil, lemon zest and juice, fresh dill and mustard and stir until blended.

3. Using the remaining 1 Tbsp. of vegetable oil to lightly grease a shallow glass casserole dish, place the trout skin side down and pour the lemon and dill mixture over the fish to coat. Apply the salt and freshly cracked pepper according to taste, I think lots of pepper provides a bite that pairs wonderfully with the acidic tartness of the lemon.

4. Roast the fish in the oven until the flesh turns to a soft coral shade and flakes easily with a fork

If you have any questions feel free to email us or text us at (831) 295-8403.

Thank you for supporting your local farms, fishermen and fisherwomen!

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