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FV Mya Nicole

Whole Anchovies

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Northern Anchovy
Species: (Engraulis mordax)
Catch Date: 06/06/23
Consume or Freeze Date: 06/11/23
Boat: F/V Mya Nicole
Port: San Francisco
Catch Method: Lampara
MBSFW Rating: Unrated

Biological Information: Northern anchovies are a small, short lived bait fish that play a huge role in the ecosystem here in the Monterey Bay. They are identified by their small bodies, short snout and large mouths. They are found nearshore where they form dense schools that can number in the tens of thousands and can be seen from shore being feasted on by many of the most beloved marine species in the Monterey Bay including migratory whales, dolphins and sea lions. Fresh anchovies have a soft flesh with a moderate yet subtle flavor. Although they are known for their extreme salitiess, this actually comes from the curing process, not the actual taste of the fish.

Sustainability: Anchovies have a short lifespan (no more than 4 years) and have a high reproductive output. They spawn throughout the year with females releasing eggs every 2-4 days and eggs hatching within two days. This high reproductive output ensures an abundant amount of fish each year. The fishing methods for Anchovies allows for minimal bycatch and they are considered a well managed species.