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Pacific Bonito Collars

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Species: Sarda chiliensis
Catch Date: 11/16/22
Boats: FV No name
Captain: Joseph Lucido
Port: Bodega Bay
Method: Trolling Lines
MBSW Rating: Good Alternative

Biological Information: Pacific Bonito are a small albacore that are built for speed. They have sleek, fusiform bodies that resemble their tuna cousins, yet are easily identified as Bonito by their unique dark stripes running diagonally along their bodies. Besides speed, Bonito are also fast growers and reproducers. They can grow up to 21 inches in their first year of life and are able to reproduce by the time they are two years old. The female releases more than 500,000 eggs per year and spawn several different times within the year ensuring a high reproductive output. After just six years of life, the Bonito are ready to die, yet their fast lifestyle ensures young for the future generations. Bonito are found in warmer water up to Point Conception but because they follow the warmer water currents in search for anchovies they can also be found in the Monterey Bay. They school in large groups organized by size near the ocean surface and can travel great distances to satiate their huge appetite, consuming up to six percent of their body weight per day. The Pacific Bonito is full of healthy fats and protein. It has a very soft meat that is loaded with flavor and will melt in your mouth. It is commonly consumed as sashimi but can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Sustainability: Pacific Bonito’s are a great sustainable choice because of their fast growth and maturity rate. They migrate regularly and because they spawn many times per year they are able to leave larvae in many locations along the coast. Catching them with hand operated poles helps to maintain a low bycatch rate. They are considered a well managed species.