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FROZEN & VAC SEALED Albacore Trim - 1 lb

FROZEN & VAC SEALED Albacore Trim - 1 lb

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1 lb of frozen Albacore Tuna trim
Species: Thunnus alalunga

Biological: Albacore has as lifespan of around 12 years and reach sexual maturity in 5-6 years. A single female can lay 20 million eggs while spawning. These fish are highly migratory, forming large schools and their migratory nature makes them difficult to regulate as they pass from one legal jurisdiction to the next. There are 6 distinct stocks worldwide and most fish landed in California come from the robust North Pacific Stock. Albacore consume mostly cephalopods like squid making them unique among tuna. Albacore landed in California are usually caught near the surface, 20 miles or more from shore in warmer waters. Albacore has a steak like texture and a high fat content giving it a rich taste with firm, large flakes. It is best seared or grilled.

Sustainability: Albacore are quick to mature and some of the fishing methods used to catch them result in minimal physical habitat disturbance or by-catch. When caught by hand operated pole and trolling lines they are a great sustainable option. Hand operated poles and trolling lines are highly selective and do not interact with the seafloor resulting in minimal environmental damage.


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